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2009-04-04 19:43:45 by SlackerProductions

Okay, I feel like I have to make some introductory post, because of all those people who are obsessed with other people's lives (not me). I tried blogging once. It did not work.

I'm a nerd who got bored one day (like half the other people on this site). So, I decided to play Star Wars Battlefront 2. Unrelated, I can be found struggling to make songs on my demo version of FL Studio, tinkering around with Paint Shop Pro 9, and working tirelessly on Jasc Animation Shop 3, (it's at least ten years old and doesn't support sound, but it's simple, and came free with Paint Shop).

Expect not great things, but things, from SlackerProductions.


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2009-04-04 20:08:06

Buy something.

SlackerProductions responds:

Im saving up for a laptop